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Con Junkie

So I've noticed that quite a few of my followers here love going to cons. I too enjoy going to a few myself. I've also gone through the aggrivation of having to search for every con available and ending up having way too many tabs open, confused, frustrated and then giving up.

I came across a neat app that can help ease some of that frustration.

The app has a bunch of packages already put together for you. So if let's say you are looking for some upcoming cons to hit up within the month you just tap on their calandar and an entire list shows up with their dates, location, addresses, and a bit of information about it.

The app is always updating so if there is a con you've heard about but is not yet in the app, there is a form for you to go to that you are able to send them info on cons that have not yet been added.

A few things I like about the app besides the fact that they have most of the cons in one spot. They have a car finder tab which everyone needs to use no matter how fantastic your memory may be, if you've ever visited the Sawgrass mall in Fort Lauderdale then YOU KNOW what it's like to easiliy lose your car in a parking lot.

They have a tippng calculator in there as well, because we all know how hungry we get during these cons and experiencing these events are the best with friends. I like this because it breaks everything down for you so no more wasting time guesing at who has to pay what.

It's just nice to have most things in one app, instead of having to flip through over a dozen to do 1 thing.

There will be more treats coming soon to the app so stay tuned!

The app is available for iOS and Android

Website is currently under new construction: ConJunkie

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