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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 3 (Possible Leaked Cast)

Because we are a generation that revolves around technology and gossip, it hasn't become too difficult to find leaked secrets on upcoming shows or movies. An anonymous person has supposedly come out with a “confirmed” list of who our next cast will be for Rupaul’s Drag Race All Star Season 3. Lets take a dive into who we may see and break down my thoughts about it.



Milk: This was a well deserved choice. I think she was way too advance for her time and wasn’t given the opportunity to show what she could do. I’m pretty excited to see what she can show us. Also not gunna lie, but I cannot wait to see some more sexy Milk body and face, yes please.

Morgan McMichaels: I wasn’t much of a fan of hers during season 2 nor a fan of the outfits put together. However, I did like her Rags To Riches and thought that was her best. I don’t think she will be in the competition for very long.

BenDelacreme: MY GIRL! I would be very excited if she was in this competition. She should have definitely lasted longer on season 6. I think Ru made a HUGE mistake. I think Michelle had something out for her, I don’t know if it’s the fact she did not like that she looks like her or whatever the case may be but the ball episode SHOULD have sent Darienne home instead. Anyways, if she is in this one I will be rooting for her all the way to the finish line. The only odd thing about her being part of this cast is that in the past she has been very vocal about never entering another one of Rupaul’s races. So because of how that went down I find this cast selection to be just a speculated rumor and not confirmed. I think deep down we all just want to see Bens adorable face again.

Trixie Mattel: Of course we can’t have All Stars without Trixie, COME ON! This doesn’t even need to be in the rumor bin. We knew she would be back with a vengeance. We didn’t get enough of what she had. I love this girl and I hope she lasts to the top 3. Shame Katya won't be partnering besides her. I love the 2 of them back to back.

Darienne Lake: This is one girl I hope stays in the rumor bin. I thought she was one of the worst of season 6 and could not believe Mama Ru let her get that far ahead. I don't care that she was a fan favorite. Not my cup of Tea. Her attitude was meh, her outfit selections were meh and I just think overall she should have been sent packing AGES ago. I don’t think she has what it takes. If Dela will be joining this cast then chances are we may have Darienne as well just for some unneeded petty drama. Heres to hoping she is the first one sent home.

Shangela: Can we not with her. It was hilarious the first time and then annoying the second and just plain over it for the third. Just let it go. I found her incredibly obnoxious and she did not give me that wow factor that other queens did. Keep this as a rumor and cast a queen who deserves the chance, like Trinity.

Chi Chi Devayne: I’m good with this choice. I wanted to see what else she could show us so seeing her again is a great choice and will be excited for whats to come. I think she has cooked long enough. Bring it!

Aja: I guess if you needed to bring a queen back from a recent season then Aja could be a good choice but i’m not really feeling it. I love her to death but sometimes her outfit choices confused the heck out of me and not in a good way. I feel like she could give us more than that but she restricted herself. If she is casted I hope she does show us the Aja we have seen off the runway lately.

Thorgy Thor: This is an interesting cast choice, but not a terrible one. Thorgy was different for her season and I felt she was overshadowed by others. I don’t feel she is winner material but she definitely is up there amongst the top ones. She at least has some very unique talent that I can admire.


Kennedy Davenport: Another one I knew would be back. She left too early before we could see more, so now we’ll get another chance to see her bring it. She is so beautiful and her runway looks are eye catching. Definitely one to be cheering on.

So with that being our choices, do you think it is a strong decision or if not whom would you like to see competing in All Stars 3? Who will be your final top 3?

Choosing my top 3:


-Trixie Mattel


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